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Rhonda has over 27 years’ experience in providing psychological services across a broad and varied range of contexts. She believes that with good support, people can find new ways of responding to unhelpful behaviours or new ways of relating to others. Rhonda believes in listening well, in treating her clients with respect and consideration in a safe and non-judgmental environment, that is empowering and that offers hope and builds resilience.

Rhonda can assist with life events that are causing conflict or distress, such as loneliness, grief and loss, trauma, abuse, work-related problems, health problems, relationship and communication issues as well as specific problems such as anxiety, depression and compulsive thoughts and behaviours.

Rhonda is trained in ACT, CBT and Solution-Focused and Narrative Therapies, EMDR and polyvagal theory in practice. 

She works with all genders from 18 years of age.


Jody is committed to providing you a safe, nurturing space and a passionate team of empathic and experienced clinicians to help you on your healing journey. Through her extensive experience working as a psychologist for the past 20 years, as well as her own lessons in growth, Jody understands the healing journey is not an easy one, requiring courage and strength to pursue. She is intuitive in her approach and capable of holding space for the most vulnerable parts of your psyche.

She is proud of her ability to create a safe, gentle, nurturing and non-judgmental space.

Jody has body-based, explicit and practical methods based on Polyvagal Theory to 'process' hard feelings, thoughts and beliefs you might be struggling to release. All while modelling the compassion and validation that you deserve.


Jody is a psychologist trained in ACT therapy, Schema therapy and EMDR.

She works with all genders from 20 years of age.

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