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I would like to support you in creating a life that fits your values and brings you joy.

A collaborative approach is important to me- I will tailor the therapies I use to your specific healing goals.
I am a relatable therapist and bring compassion and genuineness to the therapy space. I am an intuitive practitioner who can use my sense of humour to bring a lightness to the journey.

I will facilitate a 're-connection' with self- this includes your values, needs and body.

An awareness of your personal values will allow you to live in alignment with your essential self - bringing balance, peace and joy.

We will use mindfulness to ground and slow down as we process topics, relationships and events that might be triggering to the nervous system.

I see people 18+ at $180 per 1hr session. 
You may be eligible for a rebate with a mental health care plan from your GP.
I offer limited spots on a Saturday morning.


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