Hi, I'm Katie

Are you exhausted? Anxious?
Wondering why it has to be so hard. ALL. THE. TIME? Feeling pushed to the edge and it's not only impacting your daily life but also on your kids or loved ones?
Perhaps your holding it together, but the panic is rising that you can't keep it up.  Maybe the emotional eating/drinking/shopping is helping you hold it together. Can you remember the last time you felt, relaxed, happy and with a sense of inner peace? It is possible to get there, and YOU do deserve it, no matter what they made you believe. You may have talked about your story or ‘stuff’  before and it didn't really help, maybe you even walked away feeling worse for opening it up. I am so sorry if you have had this experience. 

It is possible to lift the weight of the past & find emotional freedom, joy and inner peace.

Even if you can't conceive what that looks like for you yet. I specialise in helping women, find the light switch and turn back on the light inside of themselves. Creating a safe, authentic place for you, where you can honour your truth whilst keeping you emotionally safe.

I help women who are deeply struggling with how their stories of what happened, their trauma, the big and the insidious, impact on their daily life. Tapping creates true freedom from difficult emotions, memories and limiting beliefs and helps you to find and trust yourself again in a safe way, without re-traumatising you. 

I would be honoured to hold space for you to rise up, raise your hope, power, energy, quality of life, self trust, self worth, self love and Awaken your Freedom.

My session price is $125 for an 60 min session.