Hi, I'm Karen.

Would you like to 'feel safe' in a relationship?

Are you tired of fearing being 'exposed'?

I will help you rewire your brain to move towards 'secure' attachment in your relationships.

Perhaps you've been given labels like 'borderline personality disorder' and you'd like strategies to manage the distress that can be, at times, debilitating?


We will explore your emotions and how they guide your choices and decision making process. We will build emotional awareness and with that comes a sense of safety and identity.


You may be struggling to make meaning of a life experience, feel 'trapped' by your own mind, be stuck on a decision making cycle that does not serve you or be out of touch with your emotional self.

I have been working collaboratively with people for over 15 years to assist, making meaning, soften and at times over-come life’s complexities.


My work as an Emotionally Focused Therapist (EFT) stems from a humanistic approach which aims to provide a safe, inclusive and respectful space. This includes working at a pace that is defined by individual needs.

Is it time to address those old patterns that are no longer serving you?

My practice involves talking and working creatively and experientially to build compassion and understanding in a gentle and supportive way. Together we can create a new way of relating to people built on a foundation of safety and trust.

Come and meet me and together we can make a plan to move forward together. 

I charge on a sliding scale from $75 to $110 for a 60 min session.