Hi, I'm Bec.



Our work together will draw from your own ability to heal. I will support you in learning to trust that process…

I will support you by allowing your inner healer to guide the work we do together… I am intuitive and spiritual in my approach. I make difficult moments bearable with a light a hearted touch and gentle energy. I create a calm, meditative, safe environment where clients can be reflective and self aware free from fear and judgement.

I work with women who have experienced trauma- this might be big T trauma (big incidents or events) or little t trauma (chronic events of feeling ‘not good enough’, abandoned, not heard or seen etc).


Whatever your experience might look like- know that it is valid and worthy of healing. Trauma may manifest as anxiety symptoms, depression or physiological discomfort.

I see the role of a therapist as a facilitator. A guide who is able to work collaboratively and provide clarity while maintaining a safe and supportive environment for you to do the work.


Feeling safe again after trauma is a process. Whether you are recovering from an abusive or emotionally toxic relationship or are realizing you spent much of your childhood feeling ‘braced’ or alone- you deserve to feel safe.

I commit to staying present with you through the process.

I have an interest in complex trauma and how it is stored in our body. I am trained in EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and re-processing) and have found it an incredible modality to shift and process trauma. I am an associate member of the Australian Breathwork Association. I am also trained in CBT, solution focused therapy, ACT and motivational interviewing.

My sessions are $180 for 60 mins. 90 mins sessions also available. You may be eligible for a rebate of between $87-$108 if you have a mental health care plan from your GP.